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Free shipping on orders over 2000 yen! (First-time free shipping coupon available here)
Free shipping on orders over 2000 yen!
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Challenges that can be solved with Sunhayato products

  • 写真:ハンドカッター

    I want to cut a lot of things.

    Paper, flat cables, etc. are too soft to cut straight! Glass epoxy boards, aluminum plates, etc. are hard and take a long time to cut! Sanhayato's light, reliable, and excellent cutting performance hand cutter, which can cut both soft and hard materials from paper to aluminum plates, solves such problems!
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  • 「LED点灯チェッカー」

    I want to easily check LED continuity and polarity.

    I want to check the continuity of LEDs after mounting. I bring a tester to check continuity, but it is difficult. I can't tell the polarity because it's in pieces. I want to check the polarity of a bullet-type LED whose leads have been cut. I want to check the LEDs inserted in a breadboard. LED Light Checker" solves such problems!
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  • はんだシュッ太郎 NEO HSK-300

    A soldering iron and suction pump would occupy both hands.

    When removing mounted components, if there are only a few parts to be removed, you can work with a soldering iron and solder wick, but when there are many parts to be removed, working with a soldering iron and suction pump is inconvenient because both hands are occupied all the time. Have you ever had this problem? If so, we recommend the Solder Shutaro NEO HSK-300!
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  • サンハヤトの「放熱対策製品」

    Heat sinks are being used, but we want to improve heat dissipation.

    Importance of Heat Dissipation As electrical and electronic equipment becomes smaller, lighter, and more powerful, thermal countermeasures for electronic components are becoming increasingly important. Use without heat dissipation measures can lead to overheating and thermal runaway, causing equipment malfunctions and failures. Sanhayato's heat dissipation products can be inserted between heat-generating components and heat-dissipating components to improve the heat dissipation effect.
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  • 初心者でも電子工作が楽しめる「SBSシリーズ」

    Is there anything that even a beginner can enjoy doing electronics?

    I want to try electronic construction, but can a beginner do it? Is there any electronic construction kit that even a child can do easily? Is there anything that will help me pass the time during the holidays? Don't want to use a soldering iron because you are worried about burns? Do you have any teaching materials that can be used for hands-on science practice and experiments? Sanhayato's "SBS Series" can solve these problems.
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