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I want to improve my hand soldering technique.

An education manager at a mounting factory asked us if we had anything that would help his workers learn and improve their hand soldering techniques and evaluate their skill level based on a certain standard.
The problem they were facing was as follows.

  • It's hard to prepare a number of different parts for each person in each class!
  • We want to let newcomers "learn rudimentary soldering" and experienced workers "learn a higher level of technique.
  • We want to evaluate the skill level based on a certain standard.

Problem Solving

Soldering skill practice set" is the answer!

  • The set includes a board and components for one person.
  • CT-ST10 is designed for beginners to practice and evaluate DIP and SMD components.
  • The CT-ST50 consists of SMD components and is made to resemble an actual circuit board.
  • The CT-ST50 is made to resemble an actual circuit board and has the quantity of components available for speed practice.
  • Custom-made circuit boards (sets) to suit your needs are also available.

Soldering Skills Practice Products

Soldering" is an old and new technology. It has been used since BC and is an indispensable technology for manufacturing electrical and electronic equipment.
Although automation has progressed, soldering is still needed for prototyping, manufacturing (mounting), modifying, and repairing (repairing).

A decade ago, it was not so difficult to train a single soldering engineer, but in recent years, component shapes have become smaller and smaller, requiring more advanced technology.
In addition, demands for quality (control) have become higher, and it is impossible to maintain technology and quality without training.

It is only soldering, but it is soldering.

What is clean soldering?

In radial components, it has been said that "fillets are like Mt. ......", but to what extent are they OK/NG criteria?

At the electronic construction level, it is OK if it works, but as a product, it must be reliable enough not to cause problems after it is released to the market.

For this reason, there are "soldering quality standards. In the past, the IPC standard was established in the U.S., and recently it has been institutionalized as JIS C61191-x.

Did you know that there are tests and qualifications for soldering?

The two publicly known ones are "Electronic Circuit Connection Technician" and "Micro-soldering Qualification Certification".

Electronic Circuit Connection Technician
This is a type of national technical skills certification system. It is conducted by the Japan Vocational Ability Development Association.
Micro-soldering Qualification
(This is a certification system conducted by the Japan Welding Engineering Society.

If you are interested in this program, please contact Sanhayato.

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