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Free shipping on orders over 2000 yen! (First-time free shipping coupon available here)
Free shipping on orders over 2000 yen!
(First-time-only free shipping coupon is distributed here.)

I want to cut a lot of things.

Do you have a problem like this?

  • Paper, flat cables, etc. are too soft to cut straight!
  • Glass epoxy boards, aluminum plates, etc. are hard and take a long time to cut!

Problem Solution

From paper to aluminum plates, Sanhayato's light, reliable, and excellent cutting performance hand cutter can cut both soft and hard materials!

Features of Sanhayato's hand cutters

✔ Special Shape
The blade shape is an arched curve, enabling clean cutting at any position.
✔ High-grade blade material
The hardening method used for high-grade blades enables clean cutting of soft materials such as resin and flat cable, as well as hard materials such as metal and glass epoxy materials.
✔ Excellent durability
Superior durability keeps sharpness.
✔ Safe locking mechanism
When the lever is fully lifted, it automatically locks, allowing safe material changeover and positioning.
The medium-sized PC-310 can also be locked with the lever down.
✔ Reliable after-sales service
We can resharpen blades or replace them with new ones, even if the sharpness you can use it for many years to come.
  • (Re-sharpening and new blade replacement are available for a fee.
  • Replacement blades for PC-210 and PC-310 are also available.

Cutting thickness

Material Classification Material name Cuttable thickness (mm)
Printed wiring material Glass epoxy material
Glass Composite Materials
Paper phenolic materials 1.6
Resin board Bake board 1.5
Vinyl chloride board
Polyester Board
Metal Board Copper Sheet
Zinc sheet
Soft iron plate 0.8
Pure aluminum sheet 1.0
Other tools Flat cable
  • Paper phenolic material and resin board can be cut cleanly when the material is heated.


Three types to suit your work. Also available for customization.

Compact type

Maximum cutting size: 200 mm
Table size: 275 x 100 mm

Photo: Hand cutter (PC-210): Main unit appearance

Medium type

Maximum cutting size: 350 mm
Table size: 445 x 200 mm

Photo: Hand cutter (PC-310): Exterior view

Large type

Maximum cutting size: 600 mm
Table size: 750 x 750 mm

Photo: Hand cutter (PC-610): Exterior view
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