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Free shipping on orders over 2000 yen!
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I want to protect the board from salt damage and moisture.


HAYAKOAT" protects circuits from moisture, toxic gases, salt damage, and other problems.

HAYAKOAT is a conformal coating for circuit boards with excellent moisture resistance and insulation properties that protects circuits from moisture, toxic gases, salt damage, and other problems.

  • Prevent problems caused by moisture, condensation, and salt damage on circuit boards inside outdoor equipment.
  • Prevention of corrosion of printed circuit boards in corrosive gas atmospheres at hot spring resorts.
  • Moisture-proofing and insulation measures for problems such as ion migration.
  • Prevention of degradation of substrate insulation due to moisture absorption.

Features of HAYACOAT

Gas barrier property
The formed film protects substrates from moisture and corrosive gases.
Insulating properties
Forms an insulating film on narrow patterns on printed circuit boards to improve reliability.
Adheres well to soldered surfaces, metals, resins, porcelain, etc.
Since it has low odor and is not subject to the Ordinance on Prevention of Organic Solvent Poisoning, there is no need to "install exhaust equipment," "measure the working environment," "wear gas masks," or "have workers undergo special medical examinations," making work relatively simple.
Effects of Resin
Low resin affectivity, and does not affect most of the parts.
Can be used for resins (ABS, PVC, PET, etc.).

Evaluation of sulfurization resistance

HayacoatMark2 uncoated one was discolored by corrosion due to sulfurization, though,
HayacoatThe Mark2 coated surface is clean as you can see, and the effect of the coating is obvious.


HAYAKOAT uncoated


Haya Coat applied

Example of HAYACOAT application

HAYAKOAT has been used for mass production in the following fields

  • Control boards for FA robots
  • Control boards for in-vehicle use
  • Traffic systems (traffic signals, ticketing machines, etc.)
  • Vending machines
  • Mobile bases
  • Outdoor Sound Equipment
  • Air conditioner outdoor units
  • Monitoring and communication equipment (for spa resort)
  • Countermeasure against condensation during forced cooling (CPU overclocking)

Haya Coat Lineup

Two types of curing types to suit your work. Colored type is also available in our lineup.

Room temperature curing type

This type cures at room temperature. When repairing, soldering can be done without removing the film. Partial removal is also possible using a remover.
In addition to clear, fluorescent, yellow, green, red, and black colors are available.

Type Series name Variation
Undiluted type Hayacoat Mark 2 EF Total 6 colors
Hayacoat Mark 2 EF (medium-drying type) Total 6 colors
Aerosol (spray) type Hayacoat Mark 2 Total 4 colors (clear, fluorescent, yellow, green)
Haya Coat Lineup

UV Curable Type

Cures in a few seconds to a few dozen seconds when exposed to UV light, greatly reducing work time.
Since it is solvent-free, it has excellent environmental friendliness and can be used as a VOC countermeasure.
High viscosity allows pinpoint coating.
In addition to clear, fluorescent colors are also available for easy confirmation of the coating condition.

Type Series name Variation
Undiluted type Hayacoat UV Total 2 colors (Clear/OB (fluorescent color))
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