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Free shipping on orders over 2000 yen!
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Want to reduce greenhouse gas HFC-134a

Do you have any of these issues?

  • Company policy no longer allows the use of the greenhouse gas HFC-134a.
  • We want to reduce the use of greenhouse gas HFC-134a as a measure against global warming.
  • We are concerned about the risk of fire with ordinary non-CFC blowers (using DME) because they are flammable gases.

What is a dust blower?

Dust blowers spray high-pressure gas to powerfully blow away dust and other particles attached to office automation equipment, audio/visual equipment, and other electronic equipment.
They are used in a variety of situations, such as at manufacturing sites, for maintenance, and in homes, and are very useful.

Until now, the following two types of products have been available for different applications.

  1. Jet Blow
    Global warming potentialis "1", which is friendly to the global environment.
    However, it is flammable and can catch fire, so care must be taken when using it.
  2. Yon Ee Blow
    Noncombustible, so there is no risk of ignition. Nonflammability is essential for applications where there is a risk of ignition.
    However, global warming potentialis 1430, which is problematic from an environmental standpoint.

The coefficient of global warming is a number that indicates how much other greenhouse gases affect global warming when carbon dioxide is used as a standard (CO2 = 1).

Yonge bro is also subject to reduction!

Did you know that the 2019 revision of the Ozone Layer Protection Law has set a reduction schedule for CFC substitutes and restricted their production and imports?
A "40%" reduction was set for 2024 and a "70%" reduction for 2029 (the final target amount is an "85%" reduction for 2036).

Problem Solving

Protect the planet with the ZE Blower, a dust blower that is both environmentally friendly and safe!

ZE Blower" has a global warming potential ofZE Blower has a global warming potential of less than 1, which reduces environmental impact by 99.9% compared to HFC-134a, and helps to prevent global warming.

In Japan, ZE Blow is classified as flammable because it is combustible under certain conditions. However, according to international classifications such as the GHS and UN classifications, it is classified as nonflammable, and its extremely low flammability allows for safe use in many applications.

Combustion test of JBN-S482 (Jet Blow) and JBE-S300 (ZE Blow)

The results of flame length tests, confined space ignition tests, and other tests clearly show that there is almost no risk of ignition in practical use (see technical data).

If you are considering switching from HFC-134a dust blowers, please contact San Hayato.

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