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Free shipping on orders over 2000 yen!
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Surface Mount Component Mounting Kit (SMX-22)

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Accurate positioning and clean soldering

This product has an equivalent RoHS compliant product ".SMX-52is available.

This is an eutectic type of surface mount component mounting kit. It has "better wettability" and "less likely to form solder balls" than the conventional product, allowing easy mounting of both QFP ICs and chip resistors without the need for special tools. Slow curing type adhesive allows slow and accurate positioning. More than 50 100-pin QFP ICs can be mounted with this one kit (reference use example). *This kit has a use-by date. If not used for more than 3 days, store in a refrigerator at 0-10℃.

Main Specifications

Model No.
Material types
Sn 63%, Pb 37
Number of Inputs
1 set
Product size (including packaging, approx.)
80 x 220 x 50 mm
Weight (including packaging, approx.)
JAN code
Country of origin
Accessories (Contents of set)
Special cream solder: SMX-H05A x 1, Slow curing adhesive: SMX-G02 x 1, Replacement nozzle: SMX-HN5 x 2, Solderwick: SW #2 x 1
This product has a use-by date. The expiration date at the time of our shipment is at least 1 month; if not used for more than 3 days, store in a refrigerated place at 0 to 10°C. This adhesive is not suitable for use in reflow baths; it cannot be used for parts with terminals on the underside, such as BGA packages.
Melting point
SMX-H series solder: 183°C
Grain Size
20 to 38μm
Solid phase temperature / Liquid phase temperature


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