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How do you use a "breadboard"?

What's a breadboard?
I don't know what a breadboard is.

We often receive such comments.

Problem Solution

A "breadboard" is a circuit board that can be easily assembled

No soldering is required, and circuits can be assembled simply by plugging in components and lead wires.

Structure of a breadboard

  • This example is SAD-101 (small breadboard)
Structure of breadboard SAD-101
Connecting blocks
The left and bottom parts are concave and can be connected with a single touch by aligning the concavities and convexities. By connecting them, the size of the breadboard can be increased.
Holes for mounting parts
The resin surface of the breadboard is lined with holes at a pitch of 2.54mm.
Metal board
Component areas are connected vertically with 6 pins each. Power supply lines are connected horizontally.

Metal plate structure

Structure of Metal Plate

When a component is inserted, the plate springs trap the legs of the component and make an electrical connection.

How to insert parts and conductors

The appropriate thickness of parts and jumper wires to be inserted is about Φ0.3 to 0.8 mm.

For parts with long legs such as LEDs, resistors, and capacitors, trim the legs to 7 to 10 mm using nippers, etc. before inserting them.

Use nippers to cut LEDs, resistors, capacitors, and other components with long legs to 7 to 10 mm.

Transistors and ICs can be inserted as they are.

Transistors and ICs

When inserting parts, use tweezers or radio pliers to support the legs of the parts while inserting them into the breadboard for safe and secure assembly.

When inserting components, use tweezers or radio pliers to support the legs of the component while inserting it into the breadboard.

Use the pre-connected patterns inside the breadboard to place each component and form a circuit.
Connect a battery box or other device to the power supply line.

  • Turn off the power supply while replacing components.
How to place each component

Length and color of jump wires

The coloring of the jump wire kit (SKS-350 and SKS-140). The thickness is Φ0.64mm and the length to be inserted is 6 to 8mm.

Length and color of jump wires

Other breadboard structures

SAD-01 type

Breadboard SAD-01 type

SRH-21 type

Breadboard SRH-21 type
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