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Antistatic Grease Product Features and Usage

Table of Contents

Product Features

Excellent antistatic properties
Special blending of carbon black provides 103The special blending of carbon black provides a volume resistivity in the 10 Ω range and excellent antistatic properties.
Long Life
Based on synthetic oil with few impurities, it has superior oxidation stability compared to mineral oil-based products.
There is absolutely no concern about contact failure due to low-molecular-weight siloxane, which is a concern with silicone greases.
Low temperature flowability
Uses synthetic oil with a flow point of -50°C or lower, providing excellent lubricity at low temperatures.
Resin-affecting properties
Because synthetic oil is used as the base oil, it does not affect most materials.
However, please note that some plastics and rubbers may be damaged or deteriorated due to the nature of the material or changes over time.

How to use

  • Clean the area to be used with grease cleaner (our product GL-S420), etc., and dry thoroughly.
  • Remove the cover and stir with a spatula.
  • Apply and fill with grease using a spatula or grease gun.
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