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Free shipping on orders over 2000 yen!
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Universal PCB for Raspberry Pi Pico (UB-RPI04)

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¥869 - ¥869
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Compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico

This universal board can be used with the Raspberry Pi Pico, a small computer board for learning. The land is octagonal, making it easy to solder chip components. The 1.27mm edge of the board allows the boards to be used next to each other, making it compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico and also usable as a regular universal board.

Main Specifications

Model No.
RoHS Directive (10 substances)
Material types
Glass Epoxy (FR-4)
Double-sided / Single-sided
Body size
63.7 x 53.54 x 1.0t (mm)
Number of pieces
1 piece
Product size (including packaging, approx.)
75 x 120 x 2 mm
Weight (including packaging, approx.)
JAN code
Country of origin
Hole diameter
1.0 dia.
Pattern / Land shape
Octagonal land
Finish Treatment
Through-hole, gold flash, black resist (both sides)

★Products are sold one at a time. Please refer to the following for case-by-case consideration.

Quantity per case (box)
10 pieces in a small box
Box size (approx.)
80 x 120 x 20 mm
Small box weight (approx.)


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