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Free shipping on orders over 2000 yen!
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*Discontinued* Quick Positive Photosensitive Substrate with Holes (Paper Phenolic, Single-sided / 72 x 95 x 1.6t) (NZhP93K)

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  • Discontinued

Discontinued* Original printed circuit boards can be made from a single sheet.

This is a photosensitive substrate with pre-drilled holes at a pitch of 2.54mm, the same as the universal substrate ICB-293. It is possible to produce boards without time-consuming drilling work. The product can be stored for as long as 3 years from the date of manufacture in the unopened package. Exposure time varies depending on the number of days elapsed from the date of manufacture of the photosensitive substrate and the exposure machine. Please download the technical data at the bottom of this page and refer to the exposure profile to determine the appropriate exposure amount.

There are no substitutes or successors to this product after sales are discontinued.

Main Specifications

Model No.
RoHS Directive (10 substances)
Material types
Paper Phenolic (FR-1)
Double-sided / Single-sided
Body size
72 x 95 x 1.6t (mm)
1 piece
Product size (including packaging, approx.)
110 x 140 x 3 mm
Weight (including packaging, approx.)
JAN code
Country of origin
Copper foil thickness
Number of holes
Avoid strong light or lights when working. Do not store the product under refrigeration (condensation may form on the surface of the photosensitive substrate).
Quality retention period
36 months from date of manufacture

★Products are sold individually. Please refer to the following if you would like to order by the case.

Number of cases (boxes)
10 pieces in a small box
Box size (approx.)
110 x 160 x 33 mm
Small box weight (approx.)


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