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Free shipping on orders over 2000 yen!
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Etching set (ES-10SET)

Original price ¥39,545 - Original price ¥39,545
Original price
¥39,545 - ¥39,545
Current price ¥39,545
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Etching supplies set with storage case

Prices have been revised effective July 1, 2023.

This is an introductory set with the main products necessary for those who are considering developing and etching photosensitive substrates in earnest. The storage case is made of resin to prevent the tabletop etching equipment from tipping over. Working in this case prevents etchant from splashing. Please purchase the light box for pattern burning separately.

Main specifications

Model No.
Main unit size
Etching tank: 220 x 40 x 257 mm (not including projections)
1 set
Product size (including packaging, approx.)
470 x 300 x 230 mm
Weight (including packaging, approx.)
JAN code
Country of origin
Accessories (Contents of set)
Small resin container: BUT-1×3, Developer: DP-50×2, Small etching equipment: ES-10×1, Spray type flux: FZ-135, Etching solution: H-1000A×2, Ceramic heater: KTS-210×1, Bamboo tweezers: PIN-7×2, Lead bender: RB-5×1, Flux screener: FL-300×1 1, Acid-resistant resist pen: RP-100×1, Flux cleaner: FL-300×1, Two-stage resin case: 453×295×223mm×1
Please purchase a light box for pattern baking separately.
Input power supply
Air pump, KTS-210: AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Air pump: 1W, KTS-210: 200W
Substrate dimensions that can be etched
150 x 200mm
Maximum etchant volume
Approx. 1.4L


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