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Free shipping on orders over 2000 yen!
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Two tank etching system (ES-850M)

Original price ¥5,060,000 - Original price ¥5,060,000
Original price
¥5,060,000 - ¥5,060,000
Current price ¥5,060,000
(Prices include tax)

Microcomputer control from etching to rinsing

Prices have been revised effective July 1, 2023.

The two-tank system consisting of an etching tank and a rinsing tank allows for prompt rinsing after etching. The liquid temperature setting and conveyor transfer speed are controlled by a microcomputer, so reproducibility can be maintained under the same conditions.

Main Specifications

Model No.
Material types
Hard PVC
Body size
1,430 x 780 x 2,040 mm (including signal lights, excluding exhaust gas treatment set)
1 unit
Main unit weight (excluding packaging)
Approx. 200kg
JAN code
Country of origin
Accessories (Contents of set)
20L tank for waste liquid collection x 3
Replenishment parts
Small scrubber: KS-8 (sold separately)
A separate delivery charge is required for this product. The amount varies depending on the delivery area. The price shown is for the main unit only and does not include installation and training fees.
Input power supply
AC 100V 50/60Hz 1.6kVA
Etchable substrate dimensions
Minimum width 100mm, Maximum width 330mm
Processing process
Feeding → Etching → Drawing → Rinsing → Drawing
Maximum processing size
Width 330mm
Minimum processing length
Conveyor pitch
Chamber length
Etching tank: 360mm (260mm effective length), rinse tank: 270mm (170mm effective length)
Conveyor speed
0.1~1.7m/min (variable)
Maximum etchant volume
Max. rinse tank volume
Processing liquid
Ferric chloride solution (designated as H-20L by Sanhayato)
Liquid temperature setting range
Liquid temperature display range
Preheat timer setting
0.5 to 72 hours in 30-minute increments (2 patterns)
Etching section nozzle header
Upper and lower 3 nozzles
Flush section nozzle header
2 nozzles each at the top and bottom
Etching section spray nozzles
Flat nozzles, 12 each top and bottom
Flush spray nozzles
Flat nozzles 8 each top and bottom
Etching section spray pressure
Spray pressure of rinse section
Etchant filter
Sumitomo 3M Cuno1M1 housing
Etchant heater
2 x 500W titanium heaters
Drain valve
2 locations (1 for etchant, 1 for flush tank)
Safety device
Top lid interlock mechanism, emergency stop button, leakage breaker, liquid temperature sensor, liquid level sensor, pump/conveyor/heater failure detection


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